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Our Operating System

The concept "Illusion of Simplicity" makes us better than our competitors.

I count on you to learn, integrate, and apply quickly the fundamentals without delay.


Golden Rules


180º Rule

  • The important thing is not what you mean, it's what your audience understand or need to do to understand. 

Background Information

  • The use of context maximizes our ability to be effective.


  • Systematic collection, organization and use of data allows us to achieve our objectives.


Done is better than perfect"

NB: Attitude, attitude, attitude, attitude...

There's plenty of time to explain the unexplainable. We don't have time for this. Actions speak for themselves.



A big part of the whole



  • Passion sweeps through everything we do: photos, articles, magazines, labs... For our customers, this factor transforms 360Crossmedia from a "Gamma" provider to an essential partner. SHOW THE PASSION!


  • You can do more or less everything; events, photos, videos, interviews, 3-star interviews... JUST DO IT!


  • Without reporting, none of the compliment is possible! No performance can be achieved to follow, both in terms of time and quality.


  • Learn to write and article, discover a new technology, solve a problem together. A real pleasure!


For me, work is above all a source of fulfilment and freedom"


No Wasted Talent

Work (really) Hard

  • At the end of the day, that's what separates the good from the bad. This combined with the teamwork makes us unbeatable.  

(Team) Work Smart

  • Anticipating, planning and using the best techniques can save a lot of time and effort, all while working in teams. We are problem solvers...

Take Responsiblity

  • Value your successes and learn to say "I fucked up" and "Sorry" when necessary. 


Apologizing to each other blocks the progress"

They have scored 360Crossmedia:


Ultra reliable. Ultra hard working. Ultra effective. A war machine.

360 found her the next internship in England at FundEurope.

Today: at ODDO


Always in a good mood. Daily cooking at the stove (literally). 6 three-star restaurants in six months.Some projects perfectly realized in all autonomy. Heavy Stuff.

Today: Restaurant Manager in Hong Kong


A crazy energy. A series of permanent adventures. Fast and efficient.

Today: at L'oreal


No Time Wasted

Be Ready

  • A lot of things happen in "Short Notice". Be ready for anthing (Office suit, batteries...) and be flexible to adapt your priorities and your agenda. 

Do it Now

  • Get as many things done as you can on the spot. By using the right form and templates, you can for example, send a meeting report before leaving the room. The customer is impressed and you don't have to do any homework.


  • Don't do what you haven't been asked to do or what you didn't announce in your briefing. 

Note: Let's avoid playing the firefighter who spends his days putting out the fires he has started.


If you can do it all at once, save the second time... If it takes less than 5 minutes, do it now"




  • Our system was designed to produce an article in one hour, a 20-page magazine in three hours... Everyone must learn to respect these deadlines. (see the book "Illusion of Simplicity")

      Make sure you meet the deadline, like you would at                BAC... And return your copy!


  • Speed does not excuse mistakes. Work "clean" and proofread


Business Model

  • Our prices are calculated on the basis of rates according to optimized hours and duration. Keep it in mind at all times.

Size Matters

  • Keep it short. Emails, articles, reporting... Remove any unnecessary words or phrases. Each element must provide its own information. Such texts are more interesting and much faster to proofread.


  • To stay successful in an active company like 360Crossmedia, make sure you take care of your nutrition and fitness. The management supports any initiative in the 2 areas!


We outwork our competitors"


Learn english, write articles, do photos, innovate... DO IT FOR YOU "


Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"



From: 360Crossmedia [mailto:jbloch@360crossmedia.com]

Sent: Freitag, 1 September 2018 14:52

To: Sigrist, Iris

Cc: Relations; Project

Subject: Meeting

Dear Iris,

Following our meeting today, I would like to thank you for attending it and participating actively. I think that we have progressed a lot and believe that it would be good to plan the date of the next meeting, for example next week. I have noticed that you have not sent the order form back. It would be great if you could do it so that my file is complete. Do not worry if you do not have time today but I would appreciate to receive it by Friday at the latest. Would this be possible?

I am attaching the minutes of our meeting. They are a bit long but this is a way to be sure that we do not forget anything. "Better too much than too little", don't you agree. (That is what my teacher always said during my MBA).

I hope that you are satisfied with all those information. I have put a lot of work into it :-)

Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like me to do changes. Normally, we charge those changes, but given our excellent relationship, I will do it on my spare time, at night, completely for free. 

I would like to wish you a great weekend and thank you again for the trust that you are putting in our humble company. I feel that this could be the start of great, long term relationship and want to reassure you that I will do my upmost possible to achieve the most demanding goals that you will agree to assign to us. Please let me wish a great weekend to you, your family and your dog or cat if you have one. 



From: 360Crossmedia [mailto:jbloch@360crossmedia.com]

Sent: Freitag, 1 September 2018 14:52

To: Sigris, Iris

Cc: Relations; Project

Subject: UBS / 360Crossmedia. Meeting #1 - Debriefing

Dear Iris,

Thank you for your time today.

Please find:

1. Order form

The order form is attached. (OrderformUBS.pdf)

Can you send it back?

2. Minutes

I attach the minutes where you can find the key information.

3. Next meeting

I suggest Thursday 6th September. 8am-10am

Do not hesitate to propose another day or time. 

Wishing you a nice weekend

Bien à toi

Bien cordialement

Best Regards



Tel: (+352) 356877

Management Consulting 2019 

Video:  Turning complexity into simplicity (new)

Book: Illusion of simplicity 

Andy#24 – Duke#11– China#3



Speak first AND write

  • The spoken word is privileged, especially during briefings. The written document contains all the key information of the company. 

Problem solving mindset

  • We are only interested in the solution. It is forbidden to talk about the problem (and in particular to moan).

Proactive critics

  • Whether orally or in writing, any negative form is prohibited. The "No No" rule. 

  • When you criticize, bring a solution (and the other party must listen without "Primary Defence").


Failure is only a part of learning"

Jimmy Spithill (Team Oracle)



Positive Thinking?

  • We are not followers of "Everything will be fine".

  • We are first and foremost "Risk Managers". We anticipate, we prepare and this high level of preparation gives us the necessary confidence for the future.

Food for Thought

  • Be proactive

  • Being with the end in mind

  • Put first things first

  • Think Win-Win

  • Seek first to understand, then to be understood

  • Synergize

  • Sharpen the saw 


Here are the 8 key concepts to understand after these "GAME RULES"

  • Attitude

  • Responsibility

  • Teamwork

  • Simplicity

  • Rapidity

  • Accuracy

  • Reporting

  • Training

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