Write a good article

1. Format of the articles

- An eye-catching title 
- A short introduction
- 3 titled paragraphs (140 words each)
- A quotation
- Total: 450 words

2. Writing an article in one hour: 

- 1st step - 20 minutes: preparation. Define:
o keywords
o the message to be conveyed
o the raw history (no details)
o some anecdotes and links to additional information.

- 2nd step - 30 minutes: writing the draft:
o define the title and subtitles
o write the 3 short paragraphs
o At the end, write the introduction (you can use a standard introduction if necessary)

- Step 3: - 10 minutes: editing:
o remove all unnecessary information (any phrase that can be removed without affecting the text must be removed)
o enrich vocabulary, remove repetitions
o check that the style is fluid, especially from one paragraph to another


3. Triple check procedure (it allows us to obtain less than 3% errors):

A.    Writing
B.    Autocorrection:
switch it to the text
C.    Double check: Read it carefully one last time before sending. The triple check will be performed by 360Crossmedia

4. Remarks

  • Avoid repetitions

  • Use a rich vocabulary, even when the person has used familiar words

  • Always opt for the construction of simple sentences and clear words ("Plain language")

  • Punctuation: Exclamation mark, question mark and two dots: with space in French, without space in English

  • Be careful with the spelling of proper names (to be checked systematically)

  • Propaganda is prohibited (example: "the exceptional quality of these products" is to be banned)

  • Delete any sentence that does not provide any information

  • The use of Wikipedia is prohibited, you can use only the Wikipedia sources at the end of the page.

  • All figures/numbers must be written in full spelling up to 16.

working with the text

1. Check NAMES (customers/companies) with particular attention

2. Banned / To avoid

Questions: Never put several questions in a question.

3. Before and After

Write a good article (French)

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